Tassilo Rau Game Design & Project LeadFreelancing graphics artist for 13 years, 10 years in games. Created more than 200 games covers, thousands of in-game assets, video clips, promotional materials and much more for various publishers and developers, including several bestsellers.
Background in philosophy, german and english philology and communications marketing.
Tyler Edlin EnvironmentArtist
Graduated from the Art Institute of Boston in 2009 and is working as a freelance illustrator and concept artist since. Old-school-gamer with a love for SNES-RPGs like ChronoTrigger.
Caroline Sander Creature Design
Illustrator and passionated freelance artist based in Leipzig. Her personal interest in a wide variety of styles and techniques allows her to collaborate and work internationally, digitally and traditionally.
Daria Widermanska-Spala Character Artist
Finished Art of New Media faculty and working as a freelance illustrator with her own business called Anako ART Illustration. Has been illustrating books for children and fantasy, designing and painting characters for the games industry, drawing and coloring comics …
Philipp Klein Level & Combat Design
He is assembling the world of “Days of Dawn” from the pieces delivered by our wonderful artists. He studied game design at the Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf from where he graduated in 2010. Has been working on titles like “Settlers 7″ and “Boulder Dash XL”, as well as spending a year in Japan where he was working on collectible card games for smartphones.
Paulius Mscichauskas 3D-Artist
Responsible for anything 3D-related, he is an Architecture student in Kaunas Technology University in Lithuania, but his real passion is in 3D modeling (being a big fan of Blender 3D), gaming and playing guitar.
Michael Stoeckemann Game Music Artist
Based in Hamburg/Germany, he is one of the leading game music composers worldwide. He has written music for some of the most successful games and for every gaming platform. Michaels references include well-known companies such as Gameforge, Wooga, Paramount and Gamigo.
Filipp Issa Game Music Artist
Filipp Issa is the founder of Germanys #1 Games Business Network “Games Koepfe” & Offi cial XING Xpert Ambassador of the Games Industry. In 2010 Filipp and Michael Stoeckemann founded the first game music label and liveact “Sound Of Games”.
X-Life Studios SoundFX
X-Life Studios is the leading specialist in the field of premium sound effects for online, mobile and computer games.
They record and produce custom modules that they adapt to each unique production. This gives each game they manage, a distinctive sound and a personalized, one of kind end product. Their reference list includes world class companies like Wooga, Gameforge, Xyrality and Gamigo.